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What is elrow town?

Our mega chicken Rowgelia, born in an explosion of joy, confetti and inflatables, has always been pretty sure of her life goals. Provoke stratospheric levels of laughter, music and dancing at all the parties she starred in. But her fun-filled mission needed more space, she knew the world needed more Rowgelia, more chicken-fueled craziness, and she is going to make sure it gets it.

So she struck a deal with the Arnau Family.

And now she’s crossing the planet, hatching pop-up towns wherever she goes, where pleasure-seekers can dive into her unique, unforgettable universe. Colours galore, magical tunnels to unexpected places, chance encounters with amazing inhabitants, cocktails you can eat, marching bands that come out of nowhere, happy hordes of lost tourists and ecstatic town locals…

Don’t be shy and jump right in!




What’s up chicksters!

My name’s Rowgelia and I’m five years old now. I was born, or let’s say I hatched, on April 5, 2012, in elrow Barcelona, Spain.

Pira, one of the guys at elrow took care of my egg through the winter until spring came along and I burst out of my shell in a glorious fiesta of confetti and bouncing inflatables.

The first words out of my beak were, “Hi, I’m Rowgelia and I’m a child of elrow”. Music and parties really get my feathers moving and my mission in life is to make things as wild as possible and get your weird human bodies feel some serious grooves.

Until I was two I basically was a party animal… going from club and festival in Spain, around Europe and all over the world. I made new mates on every continent, creating my huge family brood of ravers, with my friends and all the other locos on the planet.

Growing up was just a great blast, with me spreading fun and happiness everywhere. It was cool, I was a celebrity, and everybody wanted to be with me. But fame has its price: I took things too far, overdoing all the parties and craziness, and I had to get away from it all for a few months. The Arnau family packed me off to “Project Nest”, where I got back into shape, learnt my lesson and matured into the chicken I am today.

My comeback was brilliant. The Arnau family hired me as a promoter and I created my own show in elrow, “From lost to the river”. It’s been a total success all over the world thanks my sister Rowberta. Ah, didn’t I mention her? She’s my twin sister who lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She runs the famous chain “Las Pollos Hermanas”, and she’s a pretty serious party animal herself, too.

On October 16th I signed a new contract with the Arnau family for another project. I’m really hyped, I’m going to launch my new festival!! I swear on my eggs! When? Next summer. Where? All over the world, but we’ll be kicking off in LONDON!!!



  • Rowsalia
  • Rowdolfo

The parents

  • Rowdrigo
  • Rowsario

The best friend

  • Rowmeo
  • Rowgelia

The sister

  • Rowberta

The cousin

  • Rowsana



Rowdolfo and Rowsalía live in wonderful Tuscany in Italy. They have a country house in Montefioralle and own the famous vineyard “Rownello di Montalcino”. They love wine and great food. They adore being near young people so they always rent rooms to younger travellers who keep them company and give them stories to tell.

The pops

Rowdrigo / Rowsario
Rowdrigo and Rowsario are free spirits who’ve travelled the world and live like a couple of true hippies. They believe in “Living the vida loca”, and “Live and let live”. They have a cottage in Bayron Bay in Australia. Rowdrigo has a foodtruck selling crepes and Rowsarío teaches meditation. They love relaxing at dusk with friends and watekes on the beach. They’re the parents everybody would love to have.

The sister

Rowberta is Rowgelia’s well-known twin sister. She lives Alburquerque, México and is a business chicken. She’s the founder and owner of a fried chicken empire: the famous fast food restaurants, “LAS POLLAS HERMANAS”. They are present in over 100 countries and have over 20,000 outlets. She’s the family’s chicken with the golden eggs.

The cousin

Rowsana is the favourite cousin. She’s a punky red chicken and is the coolest member of the family. She lives in the centre of Berlin, in the Watergate district and bartends in the legendary TRESOWR.
A big fan of Detroit sounds and rave culture, she’s hot-headed, rebellious and anti-system. Watch your step when she’s around!

The best friend

Ahh, who doesn’t know Rowmeo? Rowmeo is the cutest and sexiest chicken on the face of the earth. Known the world over, he’s an actor and model. With a huge mansion in Beverly Hills, he lives between Las Vegas, UK, Paris and Milan. He’s the catch of the century and is the talk of the town wherever he goes. He’s also the brother Rowgelia never had. And though he’s a global celebrity, he only really feels at home when he’s with the family.



You are never too old for that stuff! There’s a kid just wanting to play in all of us, so let it out. And if you really have to grow up, just grow up to be a bigger and more awesome chicken.


Give a lot, love a lot and live a lot. Keep your karma batteries full by keeping those hugs flowing and sharing your love like that wonderful crazy human you are.

Turn the music

Because dancing gets you flying off into your own little world, full of bliss and joy? That’s what’s the dance floor is for. The music is the magic that makes it all happen and powers the party.

We’re all in this together

In the farmyard, everyone just gets stuck in. Don’t be shy and don’t hide your awesomeness. This is the community of fun, laughter and everybody has to do their bit to get the party moving.

miracles happen

Yep, good sh*t does hit the fan and we want to be there when it does! Hey, we want to be the guys throwing it at the fan and spreading the fun.

If you’re happy, we’re happy

We’re not too binary in my world. I mean, look at me, I’m a talking chicken human hermaphrodite... so imagine! So whatever shape, size, age or species you are, you can all rock on my farm. Aliens are welcome too.

Anybody can be a chicken

Feel free to live the chicken life. Break out of your egg. I have love, madness and chicken feed for everybody. I can hear you clucking already!

Keep the barn clean

Don’t forget to make sure our planet’s always happy and squeaky clean and remember it’s everybody’s job to take care of my farm for our future chicks.