Can I upgrade my ticket to VIP? expand

A limited number of VIP upgrades will be released closer to the festival, subject to availability.

Is there first aid at the festival? expand

Yes, there will be first aiders. Please check the site map to locate them on site.

I need to bring in a prescription medication to the festival, is this possible? expand

Please email info@elrowfamily.com and let us know your specific needs and we can see what is possible.

How do I find my way around the festival? expand

There will be signage to point you in the direction of toilets, bars, food stalls and more. We’ll also be producing a handout with a map that will be free for all customers.

Do local residents get a free or discounted ticket? expand

As part of our offering to the local area, elrow Town give away 25 pairs of tickets through a residents ticket ballot. Information about the ballot will be shared via Enfield Council as well as through our mailing list. To be added to the mailing list please email community@amaad.co.uk. Please note that we will only accept two entries per household, that you must provide proof of address, and that your property must be within a one mile radius of the festival site.

Can we camp at elrow Town? expand

No - this is a one day, non-camping event.

What items are not allowed into the festival? expand

Aerosols, alcohol, any items that could be considered as a weapon, excessive amounts of cigarettes, fireworks or flares, glass, illegal substances, large umbrellas or flagpoles, legal highs, medication (unless cleared with us in advance), nitrous oxide, portable lasers or pens, smoke canisters, spray cans, thick pens (sharpies, permanent markers etc), reflective / high vis jackets. For more information please check our terms and conditions.